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My Approach

I believe that it is a very challenging matter to be a conscious, caring human being living in the world as it is.  I believe that each of us, regardless of our background or current situation, deserves the utmost respect and clear support for discovering who we actually are, addressing the issues and problems before us, and living the life that is truly our own.  I believe that it takes great courage and creativity to live authentically, and that is what my services are all designed to support and facilitate.

My approach is an integration of the many theoretical models and psychotherapeutic approaches I have studied and my own direct experiences working with people for over 46 years.  My approach is experiential in the sense that the central focus is how you are experiencing yourself and your life.

Each of us is a complex, multidimensional being.  We are body, mind, spirit, and soul.  We may be aware of a great deal, but there is always a great deal more of which we are not aware.  The challenge of being human includes facing the unknown, dealing with our vulnerabilities and fears, recovering from the wounds and limiting conditioning of our past, and courageously exploring ourself and our world.  Fortunately, we have enormous inner resources, and we have each other.  I attempt to provide you with an open, supportive presence, a clear source of feedback and impressions, new ideas and possibilities, and steady encouragement to take steps toward the unique full life that only you can live.

You can expect me to invite you to speak your truth and share your experience.  I will listen attentively and openly to you, and I will probably ask you some questions to make sure that I fully understand what you are saying.  I will let you know how what you express sounds to me. You can expect me to accept and value you as you are and to encourage you to accept and trust your self.  I will answer your questions and explain things in the clearest language I can.  You can expect me to encourage you to feel into whatever relief, support, and freedom that you experience during the session and use it as a springboard for continuing growth.

If you pursue couple’s counseling, you can expect that I will not side with one person against the other.  I will encourage each of you to say how the issues and difficulties look and feel to you.  I will encourage each of you to focus primarily on identifying your own contributions to the difficulties and working on these, though I do want to hear your dissatisfactions with how your significant other relates with you. I will help the two of you learn how to talk openly and listen supportively and to negotiate, even in the midst of upsets and conflicts.  Being yourself, encouraging the other person to be their self, giving and receiving love, and making the most of strengths are the keys to a relationship that works for each of you.

The primary things I will do are to be fully present with you and to work for you.  I will be committed to your well-being, your development, and your satisfaction.

You can also find out about my approach by seeing my profile at  Look at the “Find a Therapist” box, type in zip code 64112 and click, then scroll down to my picture and listing and click on “see full profile”.

Thank you very much!